Hi, I'm Sarah,

a UK-regulated Nutritional Therapist, certified Health Coach, and asker of many questions! I’m passionate about good nutrition and using the power of real food to restore your optimal health. I'm dedicated to supporting you to think differently about what you eat, understand how to feed your body, and how to make lasting changes so you can enjoy vibrant health in every decade of life. I have a special interest in metabolic health and how all the systems of the body are connected to ageing healthily.

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Why private nutrition?

We are each unique. Our health is formed from a complex blend of our genetics and external factors, including the food we eat, our lifestyles, and our environment. The more our years advance the more we are exposed to factors that can disrupt the balance of our health and leave us feeling less than our best or struggling with ongoing, and often complex, health challenges.

In my personalised nutritional therapy I use an evidence-based approach to identify your unique nutritional needs with the aim of restoring balance, supporting gut health and metabolic health, and ultimately promoting healthy ageing. This is achieved through in-depth consultation, easy-to-follow nutrition plans, and ongoing coaching and support that helps you form healthy, sustainable new habits.

I frequently support clients struggling with low energy, unexplained fatigue and brain fog, together with those experiencing ongoing gut symptoms such as bloating, reflux and IBS. I also help clients looking to restore their metabolic health who may have symptoms including excessive appetite and food cravings, central weight gain, hormonal irregularities, abnormal cholesterol, blood sugar imbalance, and type 2 diabetes.

It’s time to thrive.

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Is Nutritional Therapy right for me?

Are you frustrated that your stubborn spare tyre won’t shift, or your latest diet has just flopped, or maybe you’re fed up with feeling tired all the time? Perhaps you’re dealing with a long-term health condition or have just been newly diagnosed and you’re wondering what you can do? Or maybe you’ve been burying your head in the sand and ignoring persistent symptoms (which you know is your body trying to tell you something!) such as feeling ‘hangry’ between meals, bloating, indigestion, constipation, persistent aches and pains, or poor sleep?

Whether you’re looking to boost your wellness, or address a specific ongoing health concern, my one-to-one tailored nutrition programmes can support you with easy-to-follow recommendations and actionable steps that enable you to meet your health goals and encourage sustainable habit change. You don’t have to go on a ‘diet’, count calories, or weigh your food. And there are no ‘bad’ foods - you just have to eat what’s right for you. Then you can eat plenty of it so that you’re satisfied, you enjoy your food, and you’re never hungry. No willpower required!

I’m here to help you regain the vibrant health you deserve.

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It's all about you...

Graham Hulland
Graham Hulland

I first met Sarah through Low Carb Leeds. I'd been living with type 2 diabetes for fifteen years and had just been offered insulin by my doctor as 'the last resort' for my escalating blood sugars. My previous attempts at 'getting healthy' had always involved low-fat diets which left me starving hungry and unable to keep them up long-term. What I learnt from Sarah is that some foods trigger our hunger and food cravings, whilst other foods leave you feeling satiated. Since then, by changing what I eat, I have reversed my type 2 diabetes and normalised my blood pressure. I've lost four stone in weight and my GP has taken me off all my medications. At the age of 67 I'm feeling healthier and have more energy than 10 years ago! Plus, I no longer have the constant worry of complications from type 2 diabetes occurring down the road. I've taken up mountain biking again and I'm a happier man (just ask my wife Carolyn!). It's brilliant!

Glyn Wainwright
Glyn Wainwright

I sought guidance from Sarah to address my type 2 diabetes which I had been struggling to manage with a low-carbohydrate diet following a major surgery. Sarah’s extensive research into my unique health history and clear explanations helped me understand how several underlying factors were likely elevating my blood sugar, and how diet alone was not the culprit. With Sarah’s comprehensive food and supplement programme, plus effective stress reduction techniques, I feel back in control of my type 2 diabetes and am delighted to have reduced my HbA1c by 10 points! I'm feeling fantastic and am really grateful for Sarah's dedicated support. I highly recommend working with her.

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