Bespoke advanced nutrition programs to promote healthy ageing

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Personal Nutrition

Whether you’re looking to boost your current wellbeing, you’re struggling with ongoing health challenges, or you've received a troubling diagnosis and you want to go deeper, my one-to-one personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes can provide you with tailored support.


Autoimmune conditions

Blood sugar imbalance

Brain fog

Cardiovascular health

Cholesterol imbalances

Digestive issues, bloating, IBS, IBD

Excess weight / underweight


Joint pain & inflammation

Mood disorders

Psoriasis, eczema, skin health

Osteoporosis & bone health


Sleep disturbances

Type 2 diabetes & metabolic health

What to expect

We begin with a comprehensive review of your health history, and discuss your personal goals and desired outcomes. I call this “finding your why” – and it’s a key step in the process. Then we co-create an easy-to-follow nutrition and lifestyle plan that’s unique to you, and that you’ll love to follow. Ongoing coaching support helps you to form healthy, sustainable new habits at each step and ensure that together, we’re always moving the needle towards your better health.

When it comes to reclaiming our health, it’s critical to build strong foundations. For this reason I always take a ‘food first’ approach as that’s where I see the magic truly happens – using the power of real food to get you amazing results!

For additional support I may also recommend targeted supplementation and, where appropriate, further diagnostic testing either via your GP or a private laboratory. Testing can help refine your programme and accelerate your results, particularly in the case of more complex health challenges. Types of tests available include comprehensive stool testing, hormone panels, extensive nutrient deficiency panel, advanced stress profile, and cardiovascular health profile, and are delivered in kit form direct to your address.


One-to-One Programmes

From my experience working with my private nutrition clients, the best results are achieved when we work collaboratively together for a minimum of 3 months. That’s why clients can book one of my 12-week bespoke nutrition programmes with varying levels of one-to-one support depending on your unique health challenges, severity of symptoms, and level of coaching desired.

Programmes start from £425 and consultations currently take place online by video conferencing.

What’s included in your programme:

3 / 6 / 9 hours of one-to-one clinic time across the 12-week period (includes an initial consultation with full clinical health assessment, follow-up consultations and coaching calls)

  • Bespoke diet and lifestyle recommendations and action plan
  • Diagnostic testing recommendations
  • Personalised supplement programme
  • Tailored food recommendations, meal and recipe ideas
  • Ongoing coaching support
  • Future success planning to support long-term health
  • 15% discount on supplements at The Natural Dispensary

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Group Programmes & Talks

I deliver a number of group programmes and talks both online and in-person. Topics I frequently cover include:

All my talks and programmes can be customised to your particular requirements and budget so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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Corporate Nutrition

Following 20 years in the corporate world I have experienced first hand the demands on a busy professional and the cumulative impact that poor diet and lifestyle practices, frequent travel and stress can have on long-term health and productivity. I offer a range of solutions to support you to optimise the health and wellbeing of your employees and increase performance including engaging educational talks, interactive workshops and group programmes, and one-to-one individual health assessments.

All my talks, programmes and health assessments can be customised to the particular requirements and budget of your business, so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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