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Spicy Tempeh Bowl

28 Nov 2023

Spicy Tempeh Bowl

Looking for a quick and easy vegan meal prep recipe? Try this mexican-style Spicy Tempeh Bowl. Crisp tempeh tossed in a spicy tomato sauce, ready to serve with your choice of cauli rice or wholegrain rice, beans, slaw and guacamole.

Ingredients (4 Servings)
400g tempeh
Olive or avocado oil
1 large white onion (diced)
2 cloves minced garlic
Large jar passata sauce
1 tbsp. chipotle paste (adjust according to preferred spice level)


  1. Steam tempeh by adding 1 inch of water to a large saucepan and bringing to a simmer. Insert steamer basket with tempeh (still whole). Cover and steam for 15 minutes*. Dry and cube steamed tempeh and set aside.
  2. Make sauce on hob by softening diced onion in olive oil then add garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes more. Add chipotle paste and cook for a further minute then stir in passata and heat until bubbling. Reduce heat to low and simmer until thickened. Taste sauce and adjust seasonings as needed. Add more chipotle paste if not spicy enough.
  3. Heat oil in frying pan, add the cubed (steamed) tempeh and crisp and brown on all sides – about 6-8 minutes. 4. Add the fried tempeh to the sauce and stir gently to coat. Cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes to allow the flavours to develop before serving

Serving ideas
Serve with cauliflower rice/wholegrain rice, finely shredded red cabbage/ celeriac slaw, guacamole. Top with a lime wedge. Optional - soured cream and grated cheese.

  • steaming tempeh softens texture and reduces bitterness.

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